Self-Reflection – Chapter 2: Job Interview

*Warning – Contains Vulgar Speech.  Additional Chapters Here: Self-Reflection Beth was sneering her fat whore lips at me as I pulled up to her school. She always dyed her hair an unnatural bleached blond color that made her dark brown eyebrows stand out. The whore look was completed with the thick makeup on her face... Continue Reading →


Self-Reflection – Chapter 1: Self-Reflection

*Warning - Contains Vulgar Speech.  Additional Chapters Here: Self-Reflection Do assholes know that they are assholes? I realize I am starting my story with a question, but that question is extremely important to the overall story. I want you to think about it. Think about all the assholes you have met in your life and ask... Continue Reading →

Restraints of Roses – Chapter 1: A Strange Find

The Restraints of Roses: MAPS Rel Erunmire- Fourteen-year-old Rel Erunmire heard her younger sister Keya yelling at some of the other children playing in the woods nearby. Rel made a conscious effort to ignore it. Instead, she tried to keep her mind clear and focused on the incomplete charcoal drawing in front of her. Keya... Continue Reading →

Introductions and Purpose

Letter to whoever reads this, I am not a professional writer; unless you count technical documents, projects plans, process flows, and software application notes. I am not even a very good writer; I tend to go way off topic sometimes and provide overly wordy explanations - business emails from me are horrible sometimes. None of... Continue Reading →

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